‘WTF?’: This is the first time in decades that an NFL game was played live in the States

This week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will not hold any games in the United States next season because of a new rule designed to prevent games from being played in the middle of the night.

Goodell said the new rule was put in place to prevent the league from having to pay for the rights to a game to be played in a stadium at 6 a.m. or later.

Goodell also said the league’s new rule will have no impact on the games that were broadcast during the NFL Network’s telecast of Super Bowl XLVIII.

The league also said that games scheduled for next season will not be rescheduled.

The New York Times reported that the rule will prevent the NFL from using a $100 million contract to broadcast the Super Bowl in the fall, even though it is only worth $2 million per year.

Goodell was expected to address the rule during a press conference Wednesday, but he delayed the announcement to Friday at the NFL owners meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The rules change came in response to a complaint from the American Football Coaches Association, which said that teams were using a loophole in the rules to avoid paying the fee.

The American Football Association had asked the league to make sure teams didn’t have to pay the fee if they decided to host games at night.

The NFL said the change would help the league “to provide an accurate and fair picture of the game and provide more fans with a higher quality product to enjoy.”

It was unclear whether the new regulation was intended to help the NFL’s revenue stream, which is in decline as fans watch more games.