Why is this Tesla Model 3 still a Tesla Model S?

The Tesla Model Model 3 sedan, which will be the first vehicle with a self-driving technology and will be released in 2017, has been delayed a total of four times.

The Model 3 was delayed in the last three years and now is expected to arrive in 2019, with the Model S, which launched in 2019 and is still a production car, also delayed.

Tesla has been making waves in the industry, with its new Autopilot feature making the car more comfortable and safer to drive.

The Model 3 will feature Tesla’s Autopilots and its Autopiracy system, which allows the vehicle to avoid the risk of a crash if the driver is distracted.

The Tesla Model X SUV was released last year and the company said it is expected in 2019.

However, the Model X was delayed for six months and will debut next year.

The company is still expected to release a new SUV in 2019 or 2020.

Tesla is also still expected next year to release the first ever fully electric sedan, the Tesla Model C, which would be the most affordable car on the market.

The company is currently looking to make up for its shortfall in production capacity with its Model 3 and Model X. This year, Tesla has a target to produce a total number of 5,000 vehicles, down from the current 9,000.