Why is China’s economy so strong?

The latest GDP data for the country released Thursday showed that China’s growth rate has been the highest in the world.

But while this growth has helped boost the economy and reduce the national debt, the country has also seen its inflation rate spike and its share of global GDP plummet.

Inflation has now reached the highest level in China’s modern history, according to the Central Bank of China.

This has led many economists to question whether the country will ever get out of its current deflationary spiral.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why.1.

Economic growth is a key driver of growthThe economic growth rate of China’s GDP is now nearly double that of the United States.

And according to a new report by the World Bank, China’s economic growth is now accelerating at a rate of 4.6% annually.

This growth has enabled the country to escape a deflationary cycle that has been crippling its economy for nearly a decade.

This economic growth also has made it easier for China to absorb and expand its huge debt, which has more than tripled over the past 10 years.2.

The Chinese economy is so large, China has been able to borrow money and finance its huge spending spree without having to worry about inflationThe massive debt burden of the People’s Republic of China is not limited to the government.

The government has been borrowing and investing money to fund its spending spree for years.

China has a total debt of over $1.3 trillion.

This massive debt is the largest in the entire world, and the debt has only grown by more than 2% per year.3.

The China economy has the fastest-growing economy in the Asia-Pacific regionThe People’s Bank of Japan (PBJ) and the People\’s Bank of Korea (PBOK) released their latest GDP growth numbers this week.

The PBOK reported that China\’s economy grew by 3.4% in 2015, compared to 3.2% in 2014.

China\’ll take another hit this year, as the PBJ said that the country\’s growth will fall to 2.8% in 2020, down from 3.3% in 2019.

The reason for the fall in GDP is the country may be in deflationary territory for now, and this is the reason that China is able to absorb its debt.4.

China can get out from its deflationary hole China has made some serious efforts to cut its debt and the central bank has already issued several bonds to help the country pay for this.

These bonds have already helped boost China\’ s GDP by about 6% annually, while it\’s also allowed the country in its debt deflationary drag.5.

China is getting out of deflationary recession The China stock market has been on a tear lately, and a few days ago, China\’ said that it was close to achieving its first full year of economic growth in over a decade!

The country\’d just announced that it had achieved its first net fiscal surplus in nearly 10 years, and it\’ll be a year before its debt is completely wiped out.

But in terms of the economic recovery, the PB’s latest GDP numbers suggest that the Chinese economy may have peaked and that the next few years will see a slowdown.6.

China and the rest of the world are getting richer China has seen its growth increase over the last decade, which is partly thanks to the economic reforms that the People have enacted.

China was one of the first countries in the developed world to introduce liberalization of its currency, and its economy has grown faster than any other country.

However, it also has to thank the global financial system for its success in keeping China\’ the world\’s second largest economy.7.

China will continue to be a major economy for the foreseeable futureDespite all the positive news the Chinese stock market is now having, the real estate market is still very much in the middle of a bull market.

This is due to the fact that China has become a net exporter of real estate.

This means that China now has a large number of houses that are owned by people from all over the world, including people who have been living in China for years and who have no plans to leave anytime soon.8.

China gets the most of its wealth from overseasThe world is seeing an increase in inequality in the developing world, where the rich are getting a lot of the wealth while the poor are left behind.

This can be seen in the fact many developing countries have no wealth at all.

This trend has been a major problem for the developing countries, because these countries need foreign investments to make up for the money that they have lost as a result of being in debt.

However if China were to take advantage of its economic advantages, it could help the developing nations, as its massive infrastructure and low inflation rates will allow it to borrow billions more and invest in infrastructure and new jobs.9.

China may not be able to