Why does the Cardinals’ Cardinals-Bengals game make sense?

The NFL is set to televise the Arizona Cardinals-Baltimore Ravens AFC Wild Card playoff game on Sunday. 

The game is set for 8:30 p.m.

Eastern time and will be broadcast on CBS, NBC, Fox, and NFL Network. 

However, the game will be preceded by an 8:00 p.p. time slot on NFL Network, with the first two segments of the game, as well as the broadcast of the second segment. 

“We are going to be broadcasting two additional segments of that game that we think will provide a very nice and meaningful addition to our game day experience,” NFL vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said in a statement. 

Vincent also noted that the NFL will also air a special segment during the broadcast with the game’s score and highlights, including the Cardinals-Ravens wild card game. 

Bengal fans have already been anticipating the game for weeks, and many of the fans have been eagerly anticipating Sunday’s game.

The Bengals beat the Cardinals in Week 7 to win their first division title in franchise history. 

On Sunday, the Cardinals beat the Ravens, 20-14, in the season opener.