Which team will win the NBA playoffs?

The NBA playoffs are now just over two months away, but the Houston Rockets are still on the cusp of reaching the finals.

The Rockets are in a good position to claim the first seed in the Western Conference, but there are several teams that could make a run to the playoffs and potentially even the finals in the coming weeks.

Below is a guide to which teams will be in contention for the best record in the NBA this season, based on their records from the first week of the regular season.

The following players are expected to be the starting point guards for the Rockets in the postseason:James Harden (Houston Rockets)Houston is already a top seed in both the East and West conferences.

They currently lead the Western conference by a point and have a clear shot at making the playoffs.

However, they are not without their issues, especially in the second half of the season, as they are currently without the services of James Harden.

The Rockets have a number of other injuries and need to get their defense clicking in order to compete in the playoffs, so it’s a tough pill to swallow for a team that has struggled to score in the past.

The Heat, Cavaliers and Warriors are also teams that are in the thick of the playoff race.

But they are also a lot better off for it, as the Heat have the best defensive record and have had the league’s best offense since the start of the 2014-15 season.

If Houston finishes with a winning record, it will finish third in the West.

If they are able to stay in the playoff hunt, it could be as high as fifth.

The Celtics have the highest odds of making the NBA Finals, as their record is the second best in the league.

They are also the only team with a record of more than 50 games, and are projected to win the division, so they will definitely be able to keep the team on their toes in the first round.

Boston also has the second highest shot at the No. 2 seed, as it has a clear path to the top seed if they win the conference.

The Celtics also have a chance to make the playoffs in the division if they can make it to the second round, which is a lofty goal.

The Cavs have the second-best record in their conference, and they also have the NBA’s best defense.

If LeBron James returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they should be able make a deep playoff run.

The Cavs have a very favorable schedule in the next few weeks, and if they are successful, they will likely be in the hunt for the top spot.

The Thunder have a shot at winning the conference if they manage to win out in the conference finals, but it will depend on their defense.

The Thunder will have to deal with some injuries as well, and that could have an impact on their playoff chances.

The Spurs are also in the middle of the pack in the standings, as both they and the Houston Astros are projected as playoff contenders.

The team that finishes first in the East could still be able of clinching the No, 2 seed in that conference.

However the Spurs have the biggest shot at clinching a playoff spot, as Kevin Durant will be playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder next season.

However, he has been battling a foot injury and the team has been struggling to score, which could be an issue moving forward.

The Clippers have a lot of issues with their defense, and have not been able to get past the Houston Texans in the AFC West.

However they do have a strong record against the West, and should be in good shape for the playoffs should they finish strong.

The Clippers have an outstanding schedule in late March and early April, and will be looking to get a win or two to help them clinch a playoff berth.

The Pacers have been one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference since the beginning of the year.

However their record has not been as good, and it has taken a lot for them to make a strong playoff push.

However the team could be a very dangerous team in the future if it can finish strong in the final month of the campaign.

The Cavaliers and Spurs both have a good shot at a playoff run, but could be in a tough spot if the Rockets lose James Harden in the regular-season finale.

The two teams are very similar, and there are some similarities between them as well.

The Pelicans have the third-highest odds of reaching a conference finals.

The Pelicans are expected as one of two teams to make it into the conference semifinals, and while the odds are not as good as some other teams in their division, they could still make it.

The last two seasons have been very tough for the Pelicans, and the franchise is hoping for a better year next season in hopes of getting back to the NBA.

The Bucks are the only playoff team that does not have an established superstar on its roster.

That could be the case in the summer of 2019, when the Bucks