Which song is most likely to go viral?

Posted September 03, 2018 06:33:31There’s a song in popular music that can be found on any playlist and can instantly make a person laugh or cry.

That’s what happened to a group of Australian musicians who recorded a video that goes viral, with the help of a YouTube producer.

The song, titled “What the f— is going on?” is called “Guns, Girls and Grief”.

“I got the song, it was like a piece of Christmas music, it’s called Guns, Girls, and Grieve, so I got the idea that we could just go and record that song,” the producer said.

The video is a mix of footage of a girl sitting on a bench and her friends playing games on a table, which quickly became the top trending post on YouTube with nearly 1.5 million views and over 20,000 likes.

The clip, which was released on Saturday, features the singer’s family members and friends sitting on the bench.

“They’re all sitting in one place, in one spot, all laughing,” the video producer said, “it’s the kind of thing that you might expect to happen if you’re in a group with friends, so it’s a pretty good shot of the mood in the room.”

The video quickly became a hit, and was uploaded to YouTube on Monday with more than 12 million views.

“We did get a lot of hate mail, but I think it’s the sort of thing we can really relate to and relate to with, like, all of our friends, it just seems like such a natural thing,” the YouTube producer said on Monday.

“It’s something we can relate to, and hopefully it will help us with our grieving process, and maybe help us feel better about what’s happened.”

The song also went viral after being released on Facebook.

The producer said he and his family had no idea how popular the video would be, but he thought the song could help with the growing grief of the families of the victims of the Sydney siege.

“I mean, it wasn’t something we were expecting to get on the charts, but it was something that really caught our attention, and I was like ‘okay this is great, let’s do this’,” the producer told ABC Radio Sydney.

“When you’ve got so many young people that are going through something like that, you know what I mean, they’re feeling so alone, it really is just so heartbreaking.”

So yeah, it did help that it was in that time, it helped that it’s kind of a bit of a shock to people who are going on their own journey, and you know, the music and all of that kind of stuff, I think helped us kind of relate to it.

“The producer says the video has helped with his grief, and that the song has been a good fit for his music.”

You know, we kind of did the same thing, we did the song and it’s not really a traditional song, so that helped us sort of feel a little bit more connected to it, and we definitely thought that it would help us cope with it a little better, and really, it has,” he said.”

And it’s really helped with the grieving process.