Which NFL team is most hated? live 49er broadcast

A recent analysis of hate-speech on social media has uncovered some interesting findings: There’s a lot of hate speech directed at the 49ers.

The team is often the target of a torrent of racist tweets.

And the team’s fans are often the targets of hate.

This week, we looked at the racial hatred directed at 49ers players.

Here are 10 things we learned.


The 49ers Are Often the Target of a Racist Twitter Storm, Too Much Hate Live Twitter is full of the most obnoxious and offensive comments and posts.

But it’s also full of a lot more innocent things.

And that’s exactly what we found when we looked into the hate-spewing on the team.

Here’s how much racism there is on Twitter during the regular season.

In March, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was suspended for his role in a national anthem protest that drew widespread condemnation.

Kaepernick’s suspension sparked a wave of hate, as many fans and opponents of the team took to Twitter to mock him.

And then, after Kaepernick was released, the 49er fans took to social media to call for his execution.

That’s how racist hate is being directed at Kaepernick.

When we looked further, we found that the number of racially charged tweets was higher in the days following his release than during any other time during the season.

And this is not to say the 49ing players didn’t face the brunt of racism.

There was a huge spike in racist tweets directed at them after the team released Kaepernick.

One tweet read, “If Colin Kaepernick is released, I will be on the field with my hat on.”

Another said, “Kaepernick is an evil racist who should be hung like a monkey.


Some of those racist tweets were also aimed at Kaepernick’s wife, LaVar Ball.

One of them read, “[LaVar Ball] is a black man who wants to be a part of a team that doesn’t hate black people.

He should be executed like a Nazi or something.


The rest of the racist tweets, on the other hand, were directed at Ball, who is Asian.

One person said, “[Ball] is not a black person, but he’s an American who wants his name associated with a racist team.


The 49er players’ reactions to this hate speech were even more disturbing.

In a video posted to the team on Saturday, quarterback Matt Barkley said, “(LaVar) is a racist.”

And then the 49-year-old player said, “… he’s not a racist, but there’s something else going on.

I’m just telling you, the team is going to be in a bad place with LaVar and (Kaepernick).”

That’s a racist comment.

It’s an attempt to get LaVar fired.

And it’s racist because it’s a direct attack on Kaepernick, who’s a Muslim.

The most offensive racist tweets against the 49s players came in the final week of the regular-season.

On Nov. 9, the San Francisco 49ers won their first game in four years and became the first team to win the Super Bowl since 2002.

On Thursday night, in what turned out to be an early-season victory, the Niners defeated the Chicago Bears.

Here were some of the racially-charged tweets directed towards the 49 teams players: “How are you going to watch the Superbowl if you have racist fans?”

“The 49ers are the most hated team in the NFL.

You can’t even watch them.”

“It’s all the same team, they’re all the players, but it’s their fans.

They hate us.”

“That team is a total disgrace.

They’re a team of criminals, and it’s all their fault.”

“This team sucks, and the fans are just being racists.

Thats the way it goes.

They got no chance.”

“How come they’ve been losing so many games.

How is it they’ve only got to win one game to get to the Superbowl?

They’re all going to die.”

“They’re the worst.

They’re the only team I could find in the league that’s more racist than us.

And they’re a bad team.

If it weren’t for LaVar, I would have just quit the team.”

“LaVar is a piece of shit, a racist who needs to be put in the same cage as Hitler.”

“And you know what?

I’m going to support them even though it’s going to take me a while.”

“I’m going home.

I’m leaving San Francisco.

I want to move to Arizona.

I’ll be out of here.”

“The Niners are a racist group, I’ve been saying that for years, and I’m telling you now.

I don’t care who you are, you’re racist, and you’re a piece in the garbage.

The fans of the 49ERS are the worst