When will Donald Trump leave office?

Posted November 08, 2018 07:19:33 Donald Trump has left office, but there are still plenty of things that could change in his final year in office.

Here are a few of them.1.

He may end up winning again.

The former reality TV star’s approval ratings have dropped dramatically in recent weeks, with some polling showing he will lose the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.

That could be bad news for his re-election bid, but could be good news for Trump’s ability to push through other legislation and fulfill other campaign promises.

Trump has also indicated he is willing to consider a pardon for convicted criminal Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.

But he has said he would not be willing to grant it without Arpaio’s signature, a move that could alienate Republicans who have been more skeptical of his pardon powers.2.

Trump could go down in history for one thing.

He could also be remembered for something else.

Trump is often credited with saving American democracy during the 2016 election by making the case that it was rigged against him and that Clinton was a traitor who would destroy America.

But the real estate mogul may have done more to create an environment where Trump’s political enemies were emboldened to challenge him.

The Trump Foundation, a foundation that helps fund projects that benefit the Trump Organization, is one example.

The foundation is also linked to a scheme that used political donations to finance the travel of the son of a billionaire donor.3.

Trump may end the death penalty.

Trump is the only president in American history to not have executed anyone for capital crimes.

The death penalty is one of the few remaining tools the US has at its disposal to punish people who commit heinous crimes, and Trump has signaled he would have used it more than once.

It remains unclear what his final decision will be.4.

He will end up spending more money.

The president has spent far more money on his inauguration than any other event in the last four years.

But there is some evidence he will likely end up having to pay for the event.

A number of states and cities have agreed to pay their fair share of the costs of the inauguration, which will cost between $5.3 billion and $6.3 to $6 billion.

The costs include construction of the Capitol, a state of the art dome that will sit atop the Capitol building.

Other expenses, including security, have not yet been finalized.5.

The media will be much tougher.

Trump could find himself under increased pressure from the media to get rid of some of the more unflattering coverage he receives.

A new CNN/ORC poll found that a majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s coverage of the country.

The poll also found that two-thirds of Americans said he should have said that Russian hackers were trying to help him win the election.

In addition, a CBS News poll released last week found that 69 percent of Americans think the president has a personal vendetta against them.

Trump’s ratings are also at an all-time low.6.

He could be impeached.

It’s possible that Trump could be removed from office as early as 2021, and it’s not even clear that he’ll be removed in a constitutional impeachment trial.

The president has made clear he is not interested in a trial, but some observers believe he may have to face a trial at some point.

If he is impeached, there is no guarantee he will be acquitted.7.

He’ll have a lot of friends in Congress.

There are some members of Congress who believe Trump has not fulfilled his campaign promises and that he has undermined the legitimacy of Congress.

He’s also faced calls to resign from some Republicans in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has already expressed a desire to impeach Trump.

It is also possible that the president will have to leave office in 2019 if he can’t find a way to make Congress act on his policies, something that would be difficult given that Trump is not in office and Congress has not taken any actions to implement his agenda.8.

He won’t be able to do much to get his own people to cooperate with him.

Trump will not be able do much for his own party as long as it has its own members in Congress and is in power.

If Democrats take control of Congress, it will be even harder for him to fulfill his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again.”

And if Republicans take control, they will likely be much more aggressive in pursuing policies they view as harmful to minorities and immigrants, including their stance on sanctuary cities.9.

He can’t get rid, even if he wants to.

Trump’s ability as president to enact his agenda is up in the air, but it’s unlikely that he can get rid anytime soon.

The White House has said that the “continued success” of the Trump administration will depend on how Trump and Congress work together