When will Donald Trump be impeached?

Donald Trump is likely to be impeachable if Congress votes to remove him from office, according to a new analysis by The Heritage Foundation.

The institute’s president, Robert Kagan, who is also the executive director of the conservative think tank, said Trump’s potential removal would be “a grave threat to the republic” and would “strengthen the already powerful political machine of the Republican Party.”

The institute also believes the president should face criminal charges for the 2016 election-related Russian interference, which Kagan said would be a serious blow to American democracy.

Trump, who was inaugurated Jan. 20, would not be removed from office until after the 2020 presidential election, Kagan told The Hill.

The Trump administration is also under pressure to release information related to the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned on Monday.

Flynn has not been charged.

Trump has refused to say whether he is willing to step down.

“I think I would say that I think I will stay in office,” he told CBS News last month.

“But I think it would be inappropriate for me to make a statement right now.”

Kagan predicted that “this would be an extremely consequential moment for the presidency.”

The president has been under intense pressure since revelations that Flynn misled Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his conversations with Russia’s ambassador during the transition period between the 2016 presidential campaign and inauguration.

Pence has said he and Trump are “on the same page” on the investigation, and the president said Monday that he would resign if his Justice Department doesn’t “get it done.”