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LIVE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, PRESENTER: Here’s what’s on in the White HOUSE press briefing room today.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, with reporters Josh Margolin, Jake Tapper and Andrea Mitchell, and the White Houses correspondent for the network, Abby Phillip, joins to give their take on the day.

(VIDEO: WATCH) “The President of the United States spoke to reporters at the podium.

And at that time he had the opportunity to address the American people and ask for their support in what we’re all working to accomplish, which is to secure the border.

And he said the same thing he has been saying for the last six months, that he believes that Mexico will pay for the border wall.

And I think it was really a pretty effective, well-received speech, and he said it at length and in such detail that it seemed to resonate with the American public.

And so, I think that he did a really good job at it.

And we will be getting the wall down.

And the President also addressed the question of the President of Turkey who was also present today.

And it was clear that the President has been pretty critical of Turkey.

And then it was a question on the question that you were asking, and I think the President made a good case for why Turkey should pay for a wall, as well as the question about his views on the Turkish government, because I think what he’s been trying to do is to show that Turkey is not a friend of the U.S. and that the Turkish leader has been very aggressive.

And obviously he’s trying to show the U., as well.

And also, Turkey is a partner of the Republic of Turkey and we should support them and we want them to be a partner.

And Turkey has been a major ally of the Syrian opposition in the past, so I think they are very important.

So, we are continuing to work with Turkey, we want to continue to work in that direction.

And you’re seeing that with regard to Syria.

So I think we’re going to continue working with Turkey in that regard.

And lastly, the President addressed the press on some other issues.

First, I believe we will begin the process of making sure that the DACA protections that are in place and the Dream Act protections are in effect.

And that will start on January 5th.

And when that is done, we’ll make sure that we have a system that is fair to the American workers.

And as we go forward, we’re also going to look at how we get the country to invest in infrastructure.

And secondly, we need to keep the focus on bringing back manufacturing jobs.

And, you know, we’ve had a lot of people leave, particularly in the auto industry.

And if we’re not going to invest, the jobs are going to leave.

And those jobs will be replaced by other types of jobs.

So that’s part of the goal, that’s the focus of our efforts.

And to make sure we get back to the core issue of manufacturing jobs that are being shipped overseas.

And a lot will depend on whether the President can get the Congress to agree on that.

And on that, the president did a good job of answering the question, that if we can get this done, then we’ll have manufacturing back here, but we have to make certain that we’re getting the right people into the manufacturing sector, and that is what we need.

And what I also wanted to ask, is what is your thoughts on the possibility of a “trade war”?

The President has spoken in a lot more detail about this than you have.

So we’re in a position to respond.

But I think he’s done a very good job so far in making sure he’s addressed the issue of trade, and it’s a critical issue for our economy, and we need trade to grow.

But, he also said that we need a strong relationship with China, and a strong and open relationship with Russia, and Russia needs to have a strong trade relationship with the United Kingdom.

And all of these things are important to us.

And now, with regard — and this was a really important question.

The President had an opportunity to make some comments about some of the trade issues.

And one of the issues that he was asked was about the auto sector.

And this was not the first time that he’s talked about the automobile industry.

He has talked about it before.

But he made a point of saying that he is a big fan of the auto companies, and his plan is that he wants to make it better for all Americans.

And from the standpoint of jobs, I’m sure he would be happy to talk about those jobs.

But this is a different topic.

And for a lot people that would be an issue.

But for me, I don’t think there is any trade war going on. We’re just