UEFA Euro 2020 Official Theme Song 

By | January 17, 2020
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UEFA Euro 2020 Official Theme Song: Imagining UEFA Euro 2020 sans any mellifluous theme song is like imagining a mobile phone without a sim card. The good news is that the official theme song of the Olympics has been released. The release of the song is not less than a gift for all the sports enthusiasts across the globe who are waiting for the release of the UEFA Euro 2020 official theme song with bated breath.

“Alma Coracado”(Soul and Heart)has come out to be the official UEFA Euro 2020. This official music video has the flavor of the Olympics host country, Brazil, having the Brazilian affair. This Olympic Anthem has started speaking through music lovers from across the globe and in the days to come, its popularity is all set to scale through a new height. The Brazilians have more reasons to get excited about the anthem as all the artists are the Brazilians.

Brazilian Olympics Anthem: The popularity of Samba Star Thiaguinho has surged by leaps and bounds after the release of the song. The other performer of the song Projoto has also become well-known after the release. The video song was released by Som Livre. Brazil’s economically starved spirits will also get a new lease of life with the rising name and fame of the song. In the days to come the theme song is all set to become a household name.

2020: Martin Garrix, title TBC

The Dutch DJ and producer said: “Next summer’s tournament will take the fans closer to the action than ever before, and I really hope that my song will make everyone in Europe feel like they are part of it.” The Official Music Artist of UEFA EURO 2020 will reveal the title of the final tournament’s official song in the Spring.
Key line: TBC

2016: David Guetta ft Zara Larsson – This One’s For You
A million fans were enlisted to provide the roar on the EURO 2016 banger; “the support from all over the world has been amazing,” said the French DJ.
Key line: ‘We’re in this together, we’re in this forever’

2012: Oceana – Endless Summer

Key line: ‘Woo-o-oh-ooh-ooh, Yeah-eh-eh-eh-ehhh’

2008: Enrique Iglesias – Can You Hear Me

Key line: ‘Hey hey, all the way DJ, let it play, let it play.

Nelly Furtado ahead of the UEFA EURO 2004 finalAFP via Getty Images

2004: Nelly Furtado – Força

Key line: ‘Como uma força, como uma força’

2000: E-Type – Campione 2000

Key line: ‘Campeones, campeones, oé, oé, oé’


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