Powerball live coverage: Aussie wins, wins big for Australian tennis team

Australia has won a record five major sporting events this week, including the Powerball.

The Australian Open, which kicked off this morning, has a total of 27,087 players competing, and it is the biggest prize in Australian sports history.

The prize money, $1.2 billion, is the second-biggest ever handed out by the Australian Government, behind the $1 billion jackpot from the 2009 Rugby World Cup, and has generated $25 million in revenue for the Australian government.

It is the first time in history a country has won five major sports events in a row, and the fourth-bigest prize in sport.

Australia has been crowned the greatest sporting nation in the world, after winning five major events.

The sport is the No.1 sport in Australia with a prize pool of $5.3 billion.

In a victory for the nation, the Australian men’s tennis team was the first to win the PowerBall, which is worth a total prize of $4.2 million.

The men’s women’s doubles doubles was also on the winning side, taking home $2.6 million, followed by women’s golf, which earned $2 million, and women’s squash, which was also $2,000.

In the men’s golf tournament, former Australian golfer Jack Nicklaus was awarded $1 million for his win in a three-round match with a player from another country.

The powerball has been won every year since its inception in 1996, but it has not been won for more than a year in Australia.

Its history has included a string of upsets in the past, including in 2013 when the PowerPak broke, leading to a major shake-up in the field, with the women’s tennis winning the previous two events.