Palestinians ask U.S. for help in West Bank city of Hebron: A report

A Palestinian group in the occupied West Bank is demanding the U.N. Security Council lift a ban on its official media outlet, Al-Quds TV, from broadcasting in the West Bank.

Al-quds TV broadcasts on the Palestinian side of the border with Israel, and is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad movement.

The channel is also affiliated with a Palestinian organization called the Palestine Media Center.

Al Quds TV has a staff of five, and the Palestinian Media Center has a director and three reporters.

The group has been operating in Hebron, where it has been broadcasting for almost a year, since it started in 2013.

“It is our duty to report the news in a way that the people of Hebrons eyes see, and we are doing so,” al-qeds TV director Mohammed Azzam said in a statement.

The U.K.-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, a Palestinian rights group, accused Al- quds of human rights abuses and said it was attempting to interfere in the affairs of Palestinian media.

Azzad said the ban “violates the right to freedom of expression.”

He said Al Qods TV has been working with Palestinian groups in Hebrons areas of the city for nearly a year.

He added that the U,S., and others “must stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Palestinian media.”

U.s. to ask for help from Palestinian group A report published in The Washington Post Friday said the U., as well as other countries, will urge the United Nations to lift a resolution passed in the U.’s General Assembly in late February that prohibited Israeli authorities from carrying out searches or arrests of Palestinians on the West bank.

The resolution was passed in response to the killing of three Palestinians by Israeli soldiers in Hebros on March 6, 2016.

Israeli authorities have denied any wrongdoing.

The report said Israel’s “use of force against peaceful demonstrators” is “unacceptable” and said the resolution “should be withdrawn.”

The U., which is the only country in the world that does not recognize a Palestinian state, has called for an international inquiry into the incident.

Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades said it would “continue to stand by our fellow Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

U U. S. says it supports Israeli resolution The State Department said Friday it supports the resolution.

The State Dept. also called on Israel to investigate the incident and “ensure justice is done to those who were unlawfully detained.”

U, S. supports Israeli condemnation The State Dep.

said in the statement that Israel’s continued use of force “is not only unacceptable, but is a violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions.”

The State Reps.

Office, which was involved in the debate over the resolution, said it had sent a letter to the Israeli government urging it to “immediately stop its use of excessive force against Palestinians and all other persons on the land of the state of Israel.”

The United States and many other countries have called for Israel to stop its “unjustifiable and disproportionate” use of violence against Palestinians.

The House of Representatives passed the resolution in a 225-213 vote, with 21 Democrats joining all but one Republican to support it.

The Senate is expected to vote on the measure on Monday.

U. N. slams Israel for Hebron killings Palestinian leader said he called U. n.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to offer condolences to the families of the three Palestinians killed in Hebross.

U., S. call for probe into Hebron killing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the killing “unspeakable” and vowed to “fight the injustice of this senseless act of terrorism.”

He condemned the killing as “unprovoked and unjustified.”

Ban Ki Moon said “it is absolutely unacceptable to have an attack like this in our country,” and said he will work to “undermine any terrorist activities” in Israel.

Ban Ki moon also condemned “all forms of terrorism, whether carried out by Palestinians or anyone else.”

Israeli government says Hebron attacks are retaliation for West Bank settlement construction The Israeli government said it condemned the violence in Hebronta, saying the Hebron incident “undermines the very foundation of the Israeli state, the unity of Israel, the integrity of the Jewish people, and undermines the legitimacy of the rule of law and its fundamental principles.”

The Israeli military said that Israeli forces “neutralized a terrorist threat” on Thursday in Hebral, south of Hebros, where four Palestinians were killed and six injured.

Hebron is one of a number of Palestinian areas in the central West Bank where Israeli settlers have erected illegal Israeli settlements.

Israel has repeatedly accused Palestinian leaders of inciting the Hebrons violence.

“I condemn this attack on the unity and security of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said Friday in a speech to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

“No one will ever again see this country