Microsoft announces Mixxx: Live streaming and live broadcasting platform

Microsoft has announced Mixxx, a streaming and broadcast platform that will allow anyone to broadcast live content on their own platform, including video, music, and audio.

Mixxx is built upon a custom streaming framework that includes hardware and software, which means that anyone can add new content and customize it, with the ability to add more hosts, more audio streams, and more.

In an announcement, Microsoft said that Mixxx will be “coming soon.”

Microsoft announced Mixix as a new streaming platform at its Build conference, in which Microsoft executives announced the company’s new streaming strategy.

Mixix has been designed to be compatible with Windows and Mac, but it’s not clear if it will be available on Windows, OS X, or Linux.

Microsoft said the new platform will allow for “better” video, with higher quality audio, and will have “better reliability.”

Microsoft also said that it will continue to offer Mixxx for $99, and that it’s open to new content providers.

Microsoft has long had a history of supporting open source software.

The company has made use of this philosophy in recent years, including releasing Mixxx and its streaming platform on GitHub earlier this year.

Microsoft also announced MixX earlier this month, which it called “a new platform for streaming and publishing music, video, and photos.”

Microsoft’s announcement today is the latest sign that the company is making a move toward an open source-based platform, as Microsoft previously announced it would soon begin offering Windows 10 Mobile devices that support the platform.

Microsoft will also start offering Mixxx as a commercial product, which will let businesses sell its streaming platforms on their websites, in-store, and through third-party platforms.

MixX is currently in beta, and Microsoft said it plans to release Mixxx in the second half of 2018.

Mixx is available for free on GitHub, where Microsoft says it will provide updates on the platform’s development and testing process.

The platform is currently available on the Windows Marketplace, where developers can submit new features for integration.

Microsoft plans to roll out the new service to other platforms in the coming months, including Android and iOS.

Microsoft isn’t the only company to offer a streaming platform.

Apple has also offered a streaming service that lets users stream content on the App Store, and Spotify has also built its own streaming platform that lets people stream music, videos, and podcasts through its own platform.