Mashable Live Streaming: What to watch with your Android device

If you’re on Android devices with a camera, then you may want to stream the video directly to your phone or tablet.

Here are some popular options.

Live broadcasting services like the popular Shoutcast and YouTube Live have a live feed of the channel.

But if you’re just starting out with Android devices, you can also use a web-based app to stream live broadcasts.

Here’s how to stream video to your Android devices.

Step 1: Install the YouTube app on your Android smartphoneStep 2: Connect your Android phone to your PC or laptopStep 3: Launch the YouTube web-app on your deviceStep 4: Click on the live streaming button in the top right hand corner and follow the instructionsStep 5: Your mobile device will display a live stream of the live channel.

Click on it to start the stream.

Step 6: Your device will automatically stream the live video from the channel, so it will be in HD.

You can switch to other videos from the app by clicking on the “Stream” button in front of the stream you want to watch.