How to watch Broncos vs. Lions: The biggest game in football?

The Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions have a rivalry that’s as deep as their respective home fields.

The Broncos, a former NFC champions, will host the Lions in a game that’s scheduled for Sunday.

Broncos coach Vance Joseph said Monday that the matchup between the two teams was the biggest game of the season, with the Lions being the biggest rival.

“That’s a big one, but we don’t really get into the stats because we don, like, just get into them on the field,” Joseph said.

“It’s the biggest rivalry that we have, it’s the best rivalry that I’ve ever been involved in.

It’s the most important rivalry that anybody can have, so it’s just a big deal.”

The Broncos and Lions are tied with the third-most points in the NFL.

Joseph said Sunday’s game will be the second of four that day.

The game is scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN2 and streamed live on the NFL Network.

Joseph said Sunday that he doesn’t want to see any distractions that would be detrimental to the game.

The Broncos beat the Packers, 33-13, on Oct. 5.

The Lions lost to the Eagles, 24-20, on Sunday.

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