How to Survive The Flood: What To Do When The Water Runs Out

When you get into a big flood, it can be a daunting situation.

It’s important to plan ahead and get prepared to move.

That’s what we do here at National Geographic, with our special Flood Survival 101.

Here are some basic questions you should ask before you take on the next flood threat: What kind of equipment do I need?

How can I help?

What will I need to get out?

Where can I find water?

What to pack?

What are the best items to bring with me?

If I can’t get out, what should I bring to help me survive?

How do I find food?

How will I survive?

What’s my first step?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the equipment you need.

You’ll need a raft, a tent, food, water and a rescue kit.

Make sure you pack some of the essentials you’ll need for the long haul.

Here’s how you’ll do that.

Where can you get water?

Where will you find it?

Where should you pack it?

How long will it take to get to a city?

How much will it cost?

What is a shelter?

What kind?

When do you need help?

Where are you going to get water for the trip?

If you can’t find water, how can you survive?

If your car gets flooded, what are you planning to do with it?

If there are no power, how do you get gas?

How many people are there and where will they stay?

Where do you think people are going to camp?

What if there’s a big storm coming?

How far away are you?

How quickly do you have to evacuate?

What do you do if the water gets too deep?

When will you be able to get away?

How are you protected from the weather?

What you need when you get stuck in a flood What to do when the water runs out: How do you protect yourself?

What does it take for you to get back out?

What should you do when you’re not able to leave?

How to get your vehicle back into the water How long do you expect to survive?