How to stop climate change in your home with wallbuilders

With climate change and rising sea levels looming, a new wave of homeowners are buying the latest home technologies to protect their homes from the effects of rising seas.

Wallbuilders, a New York-based company that helps homeowners and other homeowners adapt to climate change, has been testing its technology in New Jersey and the Bay Area, and it says it has already seen an increase in home invasions by people who live in flood-prone areas. 

Wallbuilders says it is using a system that combines its sensors, cameras, and cameras with the internet to help homeowners monitor their home’s climate and respond to the effects it has on their property.

WallBuilders uses a suite of sensors, including a temperature sensor that tracks the heat in a room, a humidity sensor that monitors the moisture in a home, and an air-quality sensor that measures the air quality in a house. 

In some areas, the sensors are placed in walls or other structural elements, like doors, windows, or even in stairwells, and the company says it can detect changes in the temperature and humidity of a home.

The system can also be installed on walls that are not covered by a waterproof membrane, like a shower curtain or bathtub. 

The company says its system works best in places with high water and low moisture content.

It says homeowners can also reduce their home temperatures by using a thermostat, by installing a fan in a closet or by using the wall to circulate water around the home. 

 WallBuilders said its systems also offer the homeowner a way to monitor their temperature changes and respond, whether that means changing a fan or adjusting the air-conditioning, if the water levels in the home get too low. 

While the technology has been in use for about two years, WallBuildrs founder and CEO Adam Wessler says he was inspired to start the company because he felt homeowners were not taking climate change seriously enough. 

“When you think about the way that people talk about climate change these days, it’s a very important issue that affects people’s lives in a very profound way,” Wessler told Reuters.

“There’s a lack of understanding and a lack, in my view, of urgency. 

What people don’t understand is that the impacts of climate change are real.

Climate change is happening now.

We’re not going to solve it with the climate change mitigation that we’re seeing now.” 

WallBuilder is a joint venture between WallBuildings and SRI International.

Its products include sensors, heat sensors, humidity sensors, and air- quality sensors.