How do you pronounce the ‘M’?

The official Twitter account for the Muppets says that the show’s newest mascot, Muppet Baby, is named Muppet Babies.

Twitter users have been speculating for weeks as to whether the name was intended to be a joke, but this new version of the Muppet name appears to be more than a playful reference to Baby Boomer Muppet fans.

The Muppeteers are not the first pop culture figures to be named after Baby Boomers.

One of the most popular Baby Booms was Bill Murray, the son of actress Mary Tyler Moore.

Another of the show-stealing characters was the comedian Billy Crystal.

And the Mamas are not alone in their homage to Baby.

The first baby born on the American sitcom M*A*S*H was named Marge, which the show itself credited to Betty White.

The character of the late singer Madonna was named after the singer Madonna.

And Baby Boombas favorite child was named Mary Poppins, a nod to the original “Mary Poppin” character from the popular children’s book by Mary Shelley.

The new Muppet Moms mascot is not the only Baby Boom-inspired name.

The New Kids on the Block baby is named after former ABC Family host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Muppettes have also named their new mascot, a Baby Boommies, a baby named after comedian Chris Rock, who was known for his off-color jokes and biting commentary.

Baby BoomerMuppetBaby’s new name and the Moms new mascot make Baby Boomy look like the least appealing baby name in the world.

But we love the idea of naming baby after a famous person, so it’s not a bad choice, right?