Hackers take down a server that could have been used to collect personal information from users

A server used by an IT company to collect users’ personal data was stolen in a cyber attack, according to reports from the hacker community.

Hackers have taken down the server that was used by a company called Kaspersky Lab, according a report by security firm Kaspers.

The report said that the server was a Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) server and was hosted in the US.

Kaspers said that it had been attacked by “unknown parties”.

“The intrusion resulted in the theft of the Kasperski service.

KAB-0005, which was installed in 2013, was an Active Directory service hosted by Microsoft, according the report,” Kaspers claimed.

Kabersky has not commented on the report.

The KAB service is one of several companies that provide a cloud-based data storage service for IT companies.

The service is used by some companies to store and access user data, including credit card numbers and banking information.

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it was aware of the breach.

It said it was looking into the matter and that it could take “appropriate actions”.

The report comes after the cyber attacks on the offices of the US Chamber of Commerce and the US Department of Energy.

Earlier this week, the US Senate voted to approve a $10.9bn (£7.8bn) cybersecurity bill.

The bill would create a Cybersecurity Advisory Board to provide recommendations to the President and to make recommendations to Congress on cyber security and to increase the cybersecurity capabilities of the Department of Homeland Security.