Fabrice Muamba says the focus now is on the upcoming World Cup in Brazil

Fabrice Moamba has described the World Cup as “the last chance” to show the world what football really is all about.

Mamba, the former Senegal midfielder, has been playing with Senegal in the Africa Cup of Nations, and said that the focus is now on Brazil.

“We need to be at the World Cups, the last chance to prove to the world that we’re a great football team, to prove that we can compete in this tournament and we can get to the next level,” Moamba told Fox Sports.

Moamba is not the only one who has taken a stand for Senegal, with striker Aboubakar Shehzad, who has played for the national team for the past four years, saying: “I feel that it is important for us to prove ourselves and prove to Brazil that we are a team with a lot of quality and that we deserve to be there.”

“I know that the players in my team want to be successful in this World Cup, I’m sure that the coaches and the fans want to see us play at a high level.

So I hope that they will give us the opportunity to show them what we are all about,” Shehzade said.

Brazil host Senegal in their first game of the tournament on Saturday.