China’s WeChat says the company will ‘not tolerate’ illegal content

Chinese social media giant WeChat has said it will not tolerate illegal content on its platform and has promised to block any content deemed offensive.

The statement from the social media network, which is owned by Tencent, said it would block any “illegal content” from appearing on WeChat and would not allow it to be shared or shared with other social media platforms.

The company has long faced criticism over the nature of its platforms, which have attracted thousands of users.

But in recent months the company has said the content has been “satisfactory”.

“We’re not the type of company that’s going to tolerate illegal videos,” a WeChat spokesperson told AFP news agency.

“We will not allow the sharing of videos that violate our content policy,” the spokesperson said.

“We will never tolerate any content that is illegal or violates our terms of service.”

WeChat also promised to stop “unethical” and “criminal” use of its platform. More: