BJP leader ‘very scared’ of ‘dangerous’ Jammu & Kashmir elections

BJP leader and Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi, has termed Jammu and Kashmir as a “dangerous place” and said that the Congress should have more respect for the state.

“I don’t want to go there but there is a danger of going there,” Mr Gandhi said at a rally in New Delhi on Thursday, adding that he had called the J&K elections for May 15.

“When you have a political party that has taken a vow to rule the state, you should respect the law and respect the constitutional arrangements.

If they do not respect the constitution then you should not allow them to govern.

The people of J&KS should be able to decide whether they want their state to remain a part of India or not.

The party is very scared.

They want to do something,” he said.

“There are many parties that are doing something, which is not respecting the law, not respecting constitutional arrangements, and so we have to take care of our own interests,” Mr Singh said.

The Congress has also been critical of the BJP for its stand on Kashmir.

In the state’s most recent elections in 2009, the BJP won an absolute majority, but lost seats in the assembly.

Mr Singh was asked about the recent vote results in the state and said the party was taking note of the result.

“The party is also watching the developments in Kashmir and we will be taking note,” he added.